Do you have a tooth that is badly decayed or infected and is causing severe pain? If so, Dr. Stella M. Carollo is here to help you by providing high-quality, pain-free root canal treatment.

Root canal treatment is a type of endodontic therapy used to save a tooth that is infected, diseased, or injured in the dental pulp. To provide you with the best possible treatment, we use advanced technology and tools during your treatment, including microscopes. Microscopes are very beneficial tools that allow our endodontist to see the root canal system of your tooth at a magnification of up to 20 times. This helps her produce efficient and accurate results.

The process involved in root canal treatment first begins with our endodontist numbing your tooth and the surrounding area with a local anesthetic to ensure that you are comfortable throughout the treatment. If needed, we are happy to provide sedation options as well to help you feel relaxed and calm during your time at our office. Once the area is numb and you are comfortable, Dr. Stella M. Carollo will place a rubber dam around the tooth to keep it sterile from saliva and to prevent any liquid or debris from entering your mouth or throat. Our endodontist will then drill a hole into the tooth and will remove the decay and infected dental pulp. When the diseased portion of the tooth has been removed, she will thoroughly clean the tooth with root canal files. Then, she will place medications into the base of your tooth to promote healing. Our endodontist, Dr. Stella M. Carollo, will then fill the tooth. We will then refer you to your general dentist for another restoration, such as a dental crown, to further protect the tooth. Dr. Stella M. Carollo finishes 90% of her cases in one visit, which allows you to follow up with your dentist in a timely fashion.

We invite you to call Endodontic Associates of Bayside now to learn more about getting a root canal in Bayside, New York, and to set up an appointment!