Cracked tooth syndrome is a condition in which your tooth suffers from small fractures. If you experience pain when you bite or chew, or if your tooth is sensitive to cold temperatures, Dr. Stella M. Carollo recommends coming into Endodontic Associates of Bayside as soon as possible, as you may suffer from cracked tooth syndrome.

Oftentimes, cracked tooth syndrome is found in the back molars and occurs below the gum line. It generally occurs when one constantly applies pressure to the tooth through chewing, grinding, or clenching. It may also be found in teeth that have previously received root canal treatment or large dental fillings. This is because the teeth are weaker and are more likely to crack.

If you are suffering from the previously mentioned symptoms, we invite you to come in and visit with our endodontist. During this meeting, our endodontist will perform a thorough oral cavity check and will focus on the teeth that are sensitive and weak. Then, she will use special tools to examine the tooth for cracks and the gums for any abnormalities. X-rays make be taken, but the cracks are often too small to be seen on a radiograph. To find the crack, we may ask you to bite down on a bite stick or rubber pad, or we may use a fiberoptic light with special dye stains to detect the crack. Endodontists frequently use microscopes as well; this helps us find cracks that are too small to be detected otherwise. We are then able to diagnose cracked tooth syndrome and determine whether the crack has affected the pulp (the living tissues within the tooth).

If you would like to learn more about cracked tooth syndrome in Bayside, New York, give us a call today!