Some people believe root canal treatment is not needed for children, but this is not always the case. Children may suffer from infected or injured pulp and decayed teeth at a young age, and the teeth need to be saved. Endodontic treatment for both primary and permanent teeth is available for children.

If the infected tooth is a primary tooth, it will eventually fall out and make way for the permanent tooth; however, it is still a tooth that serves an important purpose in the development of your child’s oral cavity. If your child loses a tooth prematurely, they could suffer from eating and speaking disabilities in the future. The primary teeth are also very important aspects of oral cavity growth because they guide the permanent teeth into place. Without the primary teeth, the permanent teeth may grow in at crooked or misaligned angles, which may also result in severe crowding in the mouth. Further measures will be taken if your child does indeed lose their tooth, but in most cases, Dr. Stella M. Carollo will recommend saving your child’s tooth with endodontic treatment.

There are two main types of endodontic treatment available for children with infected or injured dental pulp: apexogenesis and apexification. In apexogenesis, we remove the pulp from the crown of the tooth but not from the root. With apexification, the pulp is removed from both the crown and the root. Our experienced endodontist will help you determine which type of treatment your child needs.

If you are nervous about your child receiving endodontic treatment, please remember that we also provide comfort options to help your child feel calm and relaxed during their treatment. To learn more about endodontics for children in Bayside, New York, please give Endodontic Associates of Bayside a call today! Our friendly endodontist is happy to answer any questions you might have.