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If you ask a person to make a list of things they hope never to have to do, there is a good possibility that getting a root canal would make it on. That is because root canals have developed a reputation for being quite painful. At Endodontic Associates of Bayside, we take issue with that. While it may have been true in the past that root canals were painful, we use modern techniques to provide our patients with a pain-free experience.

Yes, a pain-free root canal. It all starts by helping you feel as relaxed as possible. When people are nervous, they tend to be more sensitive to pain. We use accepted sedation techniques, including nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, has been used for decades by dentists to help patients feel at ease. It is inhaled during treatment and often produces a feeling of giddiness or euphoria, hence the nickname. It doesn’t tend to produce any side-effects and wears off quickly once administration has stopped.

To control pain, we utilize local anesthetic. It is applied to the area of your mouth to receive treatment, leaving it totally numb. We are also happy to provide an anesthesiologist if necessary. We believe in making our patients as comfortable as possible in order to provide the best treatment possible.

If you would like to learn more about our sedation and pain control options or wish to schedule an appointment with Dr. Stella M. Carollo, please call Endodontic Associates of Bayside in Bayside, NY, today. Endodontic care can give you back your healthy, happy smile.